Pre-k 2nd Grade

Parent Introduction Video
Book 34 - Dance, Little Allelu, With Me
Book 33 - The Deep Dark Day When Jesus Died
Book 32 - When Jesus' Friends Betrayed Him

Book 31  - When Jesus Rode in the Purple Puzzle Parade
Book 30 - Wonder Bread From A Boy's Lunch

Book 29 - Old Rock the Fisherman
Book 28 - When Jesus Told His Parables
Book 27 - When Jesus Did His Miracles of Love

Book 26 - The Devil and the Carpenter's Son

Book 25 - A Wild Young Man Called John
Book 24 - The First True Super Star

Book 23 - The Clumsy Angel and the New King


Book 22 - When Jeremiah Learned a Secret



Book 21 - A Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea



Book 20 - When Isaiah Saw the Sizzling Seraphim



Book 19 - Lonely Elijah and the Little People



Book 18 - Elijah and the Bull-god Baal



Book 17 - Sing A Song of Solomon




Book 16 - The King Who Was A Clown



Book 15 - A Little Boy Who Had a Little Fling



Book 14 - God Is Not A Jack In The Box


Book 13 - At The Battle of Jericho! Ho! Ho!



Book 12 - This Old Man Called Moses


Book 11 - In The Middle of a Wild Chase 


Book 10 - Is That God At The Door? 


Book 9 - When God Told Us His Name


 Book 8 - When Jacob Buried His Treasure



Book 7 -  How Tricky Jacob Was Tricked 

Book 6 - When Laughing Boy Was Born 

Book 5 - In the Land of the Great White Castle


Book 4 - When The Purple Waters Came Again



Book 3 - In The Enchanted Garden 


Book 2 - When the First Man Came 


Book 1 -  When God Was All Alone


Teaching the Faith at Home - Online Content

One of the things we strive to do at First Lutheran is support parents teaching the faith to kids at home as an extension of what they receive at church. With that in mind we've created some short online content to assist in that task; new content will be added regularly. This is the first video, and it is an overview for parents as to the "why" of this content and how we hope it will support parents as we work together to raise our kids anchored in Christ. 




Click on the link for your child's age below to get to their specific content. 


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