Rev. Sam Grayl was born in Milwaukee, WI and grew up in Southern California. Rev. Grayl and his wife Nadine met at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO.  They have three children: Samuel, Anastasia and Josephine. Pastor Grayl graduated from Concordia WI in 2000 with a Bachelor's in Biology and then from Concordia Seminary in 2004.  After serving as Associate Pastor at St. Thomas in Eastpointe, MI he accepted the call to First Lutheran in 2009.

Pastor Sam Grayl

Many people think the only time to call their pastor is an illness or a death in the family. These are important times to notify your pastor, but not the only times. In an increasingly complex world, when we are pressured from every side in daily living, here are some suggested times when it would be appropriate to call upon Pastor’s services, friendship and support:

  • When facing a serious family problem
  • When someone you know is interested in the church
  • When there is an illness or hospitalization
  • When there is a death
  • When there is an upcoming wedding
  • When you must make an important decision
  • When you are unhappy with the church
  • When you need someone to talk with in confidence
  • When you celebrate the birth/adoption of a child
  • When you are facing a spiritual struggle
  • When you need help with reconciliation (Pastor Grayl went to an advanced Ambassadors of Reconciliation Conference) or if you would just like to tell him how happy you are with everything.

This is not an all-inclusive list - please feel free to contact the office and make an appointment to see Pastor Grayl during his Tuesday-Friday schedule.