Please pray for:

Gean Custard family with the passing of his daughter Crystal

Pat Zitzer

Evelyn Fabricius

Shirley Smith

Denny Moore

Jan Cronin

Paul & Karinne Nugent’s niece, KatelynSara, friend of Chad Nybo’s family

Barbara Bohr

Colette Duley’s grandmother

Lori Salcido

Barmore’s daughter, Abigail, sick in Africa

Andrew Zitzer

Scott Thompson's mother

Katya, friend of Nybo family who is carrying twins and a difficult pregnancy

Roger Van Andel

Marie, Collette Duley's mother

Frank Simpson, a friend of Bryan Adams

Dax, a friend of Aaron Nybo who need a bone-marrow transplant

Greg Goodheart

Mike, Linda Heatley and boys (Mike is in Hospice for liver disease)

Marx’s relative, Jack Grey, diagnosed with brain cancer

The FauntLeroy family on the loss of their son Kevin (Shirley Smith's nephew)

Rose Ann Cronin (Kyna's grandmother)

Sue Lemley (Margie's friend)

Barb Driscoll

Dan Murray

Joe Sappington

Joe Coughlin, brain tumor removed

Jim Grattelo

Kyle Stone

Don Hargrove

Chad Storrusten and Family

Jason Baker & family

Chuck Martin

Neil Nernberger

Wyman Schmidt - recovering from hospitalization

Connie Kantner

Mark McClure

Kariana Jinguji - diagnosed with advanced thyroid cancer

Tina (Bryan Adams' sister) - diagnosed with liver cancer

Charlotte Muchow, prayers for safe travel and good schedules

Sharon Huepel

Joshua Cantrell, cancer diagnosis

Crystal Custard, friend of Al & Beth Grayl, recurrence of cancer

Eric Sims

Jonna Holden, Helene's sister

Kevin, Darlene Schoon's brother in law

Dorothy Colby (Sandy Amidon's sister), cancer

Larry Mayer

Morgan Cartwright

Peggy Hebnes

Mark Headley

Debra Holwegner

Prayers for Randy Hanna for his treatment.

Please pray for Pastor Menagh.

Prayers of support for Hicham Chehab

Is there someone you would like us to pray for?  Please use the Contact Us form or call the FLC Office.