Please pray for:

Tina (Bryan Adams twin), new treatment

Albrecht's friend Randall who is battling spreading lymphoma

Carter David-Asher Bunger

LAMB area and delayed rain for hail repairs

Rebecca Eads (Naden's daughter), thanksgiving for remission

Beth Lewis

Sam Millington's uncle Charles, stage 4 cancer

Heidi Wiseman's cousin Theresa

Naomi Mohr's uncle Mike

The Headley family with the passing of Mark

Rusty Stump,  medical testing

Rusty Stump

Jacie Sobek

Ashley Van Hemert, her family and the medical team

Don and Eloise Hargrove

Morgan Cartwright

Randy Hanna

Shane Lewis’ mom

Chad (seizures) & Terri Storrusten (diabetes)

Tori Fesolowitz

Dorothy Colby, Sandy Amidon’s sister

Barb Cascadden

Jonna Holden, Helene’s sister

Peggy Hebnes

Debra Holwegner

Prayers for Randy Hanna for his treatment.

Please pray for Pastor Menagh.

Prayers of support for Hicham Chehab

Is there someone you would like us to pray for?  Please use our contact form.